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Smartworld is a joint venture between Etisalat and Dubai South. The company’s growth is driven by the clear vision of being the top-of-the-league digital smart service provider to enable a futuristic digital economic growth.

Established in 2008, Smartworld works closely with government entities, telecommunication operators, SMEs and large enterprises delivering them unique value using its state of the art next gen infrastructure, efficient processes and a top notch team.

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We are here to help the world build smart cities with cybersecurity in mind.Securing Smart Cities is an initiative to identify the cyber-security challenges facing smart cities and to propose workable solutions to address them. We aim to promote cyber-security best practices and cyber-solutions for all the technologies used by smart cities – with the goal of creating safer and better places for everyone.

The concept of a smart city is very topical, and many organizations around the world are working on intelligent solutions to make urban areas energy efficient, comfortable, environmentally-friendly and safe. Far fewer are thinking of the cyber-security of these smart cities.

The more IT is involved in the creation and operation of a smart city, the greater the potential risk. If not addressed early on, the cost and complexity of creating a smart city could make it far more difficult to address security problems further down the line. Securing Smart Cities aims to solve cyber-problems at every stage of a smart city’s development: from planning through to the actual implementation of smart technologies.

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Biju Saith,
Project Director
+971 4 554 1434

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Adnan Turabi,
Commercial Manager
+971 56 342 69 50 / +971 4 554 1434

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Hassan Salah El-Din,
Project Manager
+971 50 961 5361 / +971 4 554 1434

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