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What is OffSec Playground?

An innovative Cyber Security Virtual Lab that enables you to sharpen your Offensive Security Skills simulating real life industry scenarios. Let us assume you have been asked to plan the cyber security defence for your organisation. What does this task mean exactly? Does it mean that your organisation is adequately staffed? or the key concern is to simply procure latest technology solutions with no real threat planning or incident response? What are your core skills as the CISO and that of your team? What in terms of preparation do you need ? How do you manage a cyber incident, and how exactly do you put the whole thing together?

In many scenarios of a cyber incident, and particularly in the case of serious and complicated cyber-attacks the presence of a team of professionals trained and experienced in various scenarios can make the difference. It is against this background that Cyph3r presents the “OffSec Playground”. A virtual lab that offers you 4 days of unlimited access to different cyber defence scenarios, access to top experts from various cyber security domains, a knowledge repository that you will be proud to get your hands on, flexibility to pick and choose areas you need to improve or learn. To survive and learn you may need to call on a wide range of skills and tools, from problem solving and decision making.

“ Hacking involves a different way of looking at problems that no one’s thought of -Walter O’Brien ”

Why you must join?

Cyph3r has teamed up with world’s top security gurus to develop a virtual, activity-based training playground for the next generation and emerging cyber security professionals. This will be the first time in the cyber security industry a professional conference will use in-depth cyber defense scenario based training with an integrated mentoring programme offered by subject matter experts on core topics such as Bluetooth and Wifi, Web App Security, SCADA. Reverse Engineering, Mobile and Exploitation using frameworks.

The programme, currently in development, will complement the Cyph3r’s world-class summit, training programmes. Using a combination of virtual learning content and gamification both online and in one-to-one consultation with mentors, this all new programme will allow you to learn and practise the skills required to ensure the highest levels of safety and techniques that will hone you to be the best in the trade.

Key Features

Virtual Lab

Cyph3r Playground will feature a dedicated virtual lab with the latest technology skills and configurations. Only the serious will take part every step is a learning process. No wanna be’s this is the real thing to even get access to the Virtual Labs you will have to perform a simple hack to acquire the credentials for access. It will give you access to 6 dedicated labs were a particular skill will be practiced. The participant will be a free to pick and choose the skill hear she would like to practice and ask the Cyber Gurus present on site if there any doubts that need to be cleared.


The virtual labs will create a real life Scenarios where the participants can practice both cyber defence mechanisms and exploitation techniques. which would help in creating of a Countermeasure mechanism which could be duplicated in the real world in live scenarios.

Suppose you’re a newbie team member tasked to planning an incident response mechanism or procedure for a network in response to a cyber incident, it’s important to always keep in mind the outcome – and how you are helping the group reach it. Identification is key, most of the time the IT team are not even able to identify the attack or breach. The OffSec Playground will help you understand what are the dangers lurking in the environment and tune your skills to be able to understand these threats and take the necessary countermeasures.

Most organisations do not feel the need for their IT Team to be equipped with CERT capabilities. Today it is like training your staff on CPR which is the basic response to a medical emergency. Most cyber incidents go undiscovered for prolonged periods of time this is because of the absence of the knowledge of identification and also the absence of knowing what to do when the incident is identified. This particular skill doesn’t seem to be of importance but with IoT being the centre of our existence in this world which we have created. The OffSec Playground will help your team learn to identify these threats and take the necessary countermeasures.

What’s Different ?

Why Cyph3r Playground is different from all other training that you might have attended? For every Cyber security professional who is tasked to protect his / her organisation’s cyber assets, OffSec Playground offers many different possibilities. While newbies get to test their skills on cutting edge cyber defense scenarios, experts can pick and choose cyber scenarios that he/she needs more attention on plus the mentorship and attention from the world’s top security experts today. The traditional training programmes involves a set programme and the outcomes are along expected often majority of the participants returning home with no real benefits. Cyph3r is thus presenting a game changing opportunity to those who are expected to be the game changers of cyber defense industry in the future.

Problems Facing Training Techniques?

  • The quality and outcome are never consistent.
  • It can often prove a useless exercise if all attendees are not at the same level
  • Difficulty assessing attendees level of understanding / involvement and motives
  • It is influenced by few trainees who lead the discussion while others just follow
  • Limited opportunities for one-to-one mentorship

Why OffSec Playground?

  • Offers a direct hands-in skill development method.
  • Opportunity to tailor make a programme that meets your requirements
  • A memorable and insightful experience for newcomers
  • A ready reference with top subject experts for experienced professionals
  • Tools and techniques learnt with an emphasis on cutting edge knowledge
  • Opportunity to share code and showcase skills

Cyber Gurus on the Scene

J. Tate

Mobile Security

Experienced international security consultant and cyber intelligence professional. Our clients have included foreign and domestic law enforcement agencies, intelligence agencies, executive protection organizations, healthcare organizations, research and development institutions, the US government, and investigative security firms. Our products provide a variety of services ranging from comprehensive risk assessments, to unique solution development for real world risk mitigation scenarios, to in-depth intelligence analyses on a variety of topics and organizations in the United States and around the world. We have also advised US government agencies and NGOs on matters related to cyber information operations in tandem with threat reduction advisory pre and post incident.

Bertin Borvis


Security researcher focused in offensive security, reverse engineering and network attacks and defense, Bertin Bervis has been a regular contributor in several security conferences in his country and Latin America such OWASP Latin Tour, EKOPARTY and the 8.8 conference. In the US he has been speaking at DEFCON, DEFCON IoT village and Blackhat ARSENAL. Bertin is formerly a network engineer working in San Jose, Costa Rica.

Matteo Beccaro


Matteo started working on security at 16, when he started finding some vulnerabilities in WebApp. Then at age of 17, his interests focused on NFC security with works against transport systems. Meanwhile he started working at one of the biggest security firm in Italy where he has the chance to test network infrastructures, banking webapp and do code review in Java and PHP, for big company in Italy and EU.

Muhammad Shahmeer


Muhammad Shahmeer is a Security Researcher specialized in Web application Security, Wireless Network Security, IoT Security and Social Engineering techniques. He is the chief executive of Cyphlon Pvt. Ltd which is a Cyber Security Startup that aims to redefine and revolutionize Penetration Testing and Cyber Security Services and make them easily accessible to all organizations. He is currently ranked as the third top most Bug Bounty Hunter in the world and was formerly the top most Web application Security researcher as ranked by HackerOne. Shahmeer has published 3 research papers till date on the topics related to Business Logic flaws in web applications, Wireless Security and IoT. He is a member of the EC-Council Exam Writer Board.

Anindya Roy

Social Engineering

Founder and CEO Roy Inc.
Roy has been writing and speaking about social engineering and phishing techniques since more than decade now. Way back in 2004 he demonstrated certain banks how their websites can be phished from within a corporate LAN. He now works as an independent Infrastructure Security Consultant and Secure Communications Expert. He today manages some of the infrastructures including ISPs that get regular DDoS and various other attacks classified in 1% of the top bandwidth heavy attacks.

Abdulla Alagha

Bluetooth & WiFi

Innovator with a registered U.S Patent in information security solutions, multi-awarded and distinguished professional in information and cyber security industry with large base of clients served and partners. Spearheading the implementation of large & enterprise-grade IT security infrastructure, frameworks and services projects across multiple verticals. Distinct skill-set surpassing security & risk management core skills to advanced exploit development, vulnerability discovery, fuzzing, infrastructure and architecture defense-in- depth testing and design. Seasoned techno-executive speaker and presenter, spoke at multiple key regional conferences on emerging security challenges and topics.

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