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Innovation Showcase

Demonstrate your Technology

Do you want to demonstrate your cutting edge cyber solutions, or have you got a new idea or approach to boost cyber defence capability?

The Cyph3r Innovation Showcase offers established, emerging and startups offering them an unmatched opportunity to demonstrate new solutions, ideas and approaches related to using cyber technology.

Why you need to demonstrate your technology?

The world of the Cyber defence professional is changing and changing quite fast.  He / She now needs latest technologies, intelligence and out of the box tools to increase his response and reaction times for sophisticated attacks organisations face on a daily basis.

Organisations will need to look at tooling up a new generation of cyber professionals who will need latest technologies to predict, detect and counter cyber attacks. The showcase provides you a perfect setting to intereact, demonstrate and more over will trust you’re your future customers.

Priority areas at the Cyph3r Innovation Showcase

We welcome proposals from following areas:

  • » Mobiles – Application Security – Anti-malware – Secure Transactions
  • » Identity Access Management – Encryption – Managed Services- Forensics /Investigation
  • » Compliance / Governance – Counter Measures – ISR – Electronic Warfare – Simulation systems
Endorsement, Support & Speaking Opportunity

Biju Saith,
Project Director
+971 4 554 1434

Sponsorship Enquiry

Martin Lowles,
Commercial Manager
+971 56 161 6607

Media Partnership & PR

Anthony Permal,
Marketing Manager
+971 50 961 5361 / +971 4 554 1434

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