Conclave - Cyph3rsec

A two-day, high-level programme will guide you through keynote speeches delivered by reputed cyber security experts and significant decision makers from across the globe, including top offensive security experts. The programme is rich with knowledge sharing and informative sessions all of which helps stakeholders to understand the evolving landscape and future of cyber security.

Briefings will be conducted by renowned security experts who are SMEs and are working on Proof of Concepts (PoC)s which will impact the cyber security landscape.

Cocktails will be provided to set the evening atmosphere for business heads to meet and expand their professional networks.

Panel discussions will be conducted between CISO’s of large corporations, government decision makers & leaders of cyber security companies.

One-on-One Meetings: cyph3r is the perfect platform to meet with potential clients and partners. In order to increase time effectiveness and maximise your participation during this session, pre-organise meetings with delegates who pique your interest.

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Project Director
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Commercial Manager
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Marketing Manager
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